Edison Lee

I create fantasy games using Unreal Engine 4 and WebXR avatars using Blender. I am also learning in building my own crypto coin.

Apollo 11

I've been on a project where we create a video about Apollo 11 first step onto the moon. In that project, I made avatars for an Apollo 11 game. The game that I am working is from sciencevr. My part of making the Apollo 11 scavenger hunt was to create avatars for the players to use and to make rewards for when a player finishes a level. For the avatars I created different colored astronauts, I made black, blue, light blue, green, red, purple, gold, pink, orange. For the rewards I made a Apollo 11 video about the first step on the moon.

I also created a custom avatar for the Apollo 11 game.

Dragon bones is a dungeon game where you find loot to kill skeletons and dragons. I built this game because I love dragons and games with dragons, so I thought maybe I could make a game with dragons. And so I did. I built this game with Unreal Engine 4, and in the process, I learned to program widgets, animations, procedural generation, and many more things.

One of the first games I've made is Lightning Runner. Lightning Runner is a game that gives you super speed to finish an lightning parkour as fast as possible. Mr. Tesla is lost, he is trying to make it back to the Tesla Tower as fast as possible. You've been chosen to guide Tesla back to the tower at the lowest time possible. You can compete against other players to get the lowest time. In the end, there is a Tesla Coil that you can charge up to get a lower time.

What's Next?

Right now I am working on creating my own crypto coin. I am also planning on creating games on web. If you want to support me then, download my games DragonBones, LightningRunner and use my avatar in the Apollo 11 game at sciencevr.

Play at sciencevr